Our landscape is overly permeated with both visible and invisible wireless infrastructures. At RISD, the one wireless (RFID) necessity that seems to identify whether you are a student or not on this campus, is of course our ID card. Our digital identities are contained within the barcode of this piece of plastic that we carry around. Its main purpose is to give access into buildings and rooms that are secured for one reason or another. In order to understand what my every day network landscape actually looks like in Providence, I decided to test out the limits of my RISD ID card and figure out the boundaries of my map. By attempting to go into every building on the official RISD map, I used the construct of an existing network to remap the accessibility of my ID card — testing not only where I can get into as graduate graphic design student, but also understanding how I am essentially identified within the RISD network.

Poster, 24 x 36 inches